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Clean Heat Program

Thermodynamix Heat Pump Incentives and Clean Heat Program

You want to live in a home that is comfortable all year long and have peace of mind knowing that your heating bills will be lower this winter. With so many options available, it can be hard to decide which energy-efficient system is best for your home. Thermodynamix Clean Heat Program has created a list of incentives for you!

Enabling Electrification via Incentives

Thermodynamix Heat Pump Program is a program aimed to help qualified consumers in the form of rebates and incentives. The new initiative will be implemented in coordination with several other market development initiatives to help small and medium-sized businesses and residential customers. Consequently, rebates from our clean heat program will aid in building electrification by funding heat-pump incentives.

The program's objectives are to:

  • Help people switch away from fossil fuel heating
  • Facilitate programs to start establishing low-carbon industrial infrastructure and impact statewide heat-pump initiatives
  • Widen industry capacity to provide solutions for vast building-electrification programs
  • Establish consistent solutions and business environment for customers, contractors, and other heat-pump solution providers

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We Offer Various Heat-Pump Incentives

The program aims to support the adoption of heat pumps, with incentives for cold-climate air-source and ground-source systems. As such, we consider the following key concepts:

  • Incentives exist for both Air Source Heat Pumps and Ground Source heat pumps when it comes to space heating as well as cooling

  • Incentives are also made available for HPWHs or Heat-Pump Water Heaters for domestic hot water (DHW)

  • A new program is in the works to help people switch from their gas or oil furnaces for heat pump heating

  • The heat-pump system must be able to both cool and warm the space and cannot be solely focused on cooling only

Eligibility for Incentives

Below are the requirements to participate in the program:

  • Must have an active Con Edison electric utility account

  • The site must be occupied year-round. Owners of new construction need to establish a year-round occupancy plan

  • Space heating and DHW baseline heating fuel for new construction is determined on a case-by-case basis

  • Heat pumps have to provide both domestic and service hot-water heating in order to be eligible for the "Clean Heat Program" initiative.

  • Heat-pump projects are eligible for incentives either to transition from one fuel (e.g., fuel oil, natural gas, propane, biomass, district steam, or electricity) or decline to include that particular type in new construction.

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Heat Pumps for Commercial/Industrial and Multifamily Buildings

Thermodynamix has been working to provide businesses and residential complexes with a heat-pump solution. They are currently in partnership with Con Edison, which supplies the incentives for both commercial or industrial buildings as well as multifamily ones.


Types & Rates of Incentives for Heat Pumps

Thermodynamix offers a dizzying array of heat pumps with heating technology that qualifies for government incentives. We offer a wide range of heat pumps that are eligible in three categories: 

  • Space Heating

  • Water Heating

  • Combined (Space and Water Heating)


Category #

System Description

Incentive Basis

Customer Incentives

Contractor Incentives

Space Heating


ccASHP - Partial Load
(Mini-Splits Only)

$/Outdoor Condenser


$250 / Outdoor Unit


ccASHP - Full Load

$/10,000 BTUH of Max heating Capacity at NEEP 5dF


$1,000 / Project


GSHP - Full Load

$/10,000 BTUH at Full-Load Heating Capacity defined by AHRI


$500 / Project


Custom Incentive

$/MMBTU of Annual Energy Savings


$1,000 / Project

Water Heating


Air Source HPWH
(<120 Gal)





Commercial Air Source HPWH (>120 Gal)

$/MMBTU of Annual Energy Savings




GSHP Desuperheater





Ground-Source HWHP






Combo ASHP + Air Source HWHP

Additional Bonus Per Combination Installation


$250 / Project

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