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Heating Repair & Replacement in Westchester, NY

Thermodynamix will service or make make needed repairs to prevent future problems and unwanted costs. For furnaces and other heating systems, our services are designed to reduce your utility bills and make your home more energy efficient by addressing key heating issues. If you have an older furnace that needs repair, it is important to have an energy efficiency expert examine the entire system. We will examine your entire heating system to ensure that it is operating efficiently and safely.

Our valued residential customers have come to depend on us for timely, quality, and affordable heating service, repair, and replacement solutions. Whether you need a quick, dependable heating repair or a new heating system, Thermodynamix should be your first choice.

Westchester Heater Services Include:

  • Heating System Diagnostic & Maintenance Service
  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • Thermostats
  • Air filter replacement
  • Zone controls
  • Heat pumps (service, repair, replace)

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Westchester Heating Service and Repair

Heater System Maintenance

Heating systems that are maintained annually experience considerably fewer breakdowns. Maintained systems work at peak efficiency year in and year out. On the other hand, lack of maintenance can really take its toll. Actually, there is nothing better for your heating system than having a maintenance tune up each year. Call us today for peace of mind in knowing that your system is saving you money on your utility bills every time it comes on.

Heating Installation in Westchester

If it’s time to replace your aging furnace or HVAC unit, the professionals at Thermodynamix can lead you in the right direction towards affordable, quality climate control. A high-efficiency heating system can provide plenty of heat for your home and help you save money on your electric or gas bill each month. Our technicians can recommend the best energy-efficient electric or gas system for the size of your home. Call us today and start seeing your energy bills go down.

Questions on Heating Repair and Replacement

There are a lot of questions to be asked when it comes to heating repair and replacement. Let our HVAC experts answer them for you here!

What are the most common heating system repairs?

Heating system repairs can be challenging to diagnose. It is essential to find a heating contractor who will take the time and get it right, even if that means sending out an expert technician or consulting with another HVAC company for advice on what parts are needed. The most common repairing issues related to heating systems are:

  • Inadequate ventilation in the crawl space under your house (causing moisture buildup)
  • Cracks in gas lines resulting from aging pipes allow gas leaks into your home, which could result in carbon dioxide poisoning, explosions, or fire hazards; this type of repair would require outside help such as emergency personnel and requires immediate attention due to safety risks involved
  • A malfunctioning thermostat can either be low voltage or a bad thermostat
  • A leaky outdoor condenser which may also be rusting and corroding the copper gas line, can result in an incomplete cooling cycle or too much refrigerant being used
  • Malfunctioning expansion valves, which are found on older systems, allow your system to work at its optimum efficiency by regulating pressure and preventing fluid from escaping through leaks; if you have an old system, it is probably time for either repair or replacement.

What causes a heating system to be replaced?

A heating system is typically replaced due to age. Today, most systems are installed with an expected lifespan of 20-25 years and made from materials that can withstand corrosion better than in the past. This extended life span means a homeowner might be able to get by without replacing their entire system for many more years than they would have been able to when heating units were first introduced. However, there will come a time when it's necessary to replace or repair your current unit.

The common reasons for heating system replacement aside from normal wear and tear are:

  • A system has been damaged by water
  • The equipment is outdated and inefficient
  • There's an inadequate supply of hot water for the home, meaning there are not enough radiators or baseboard units to provide heat in all rooms that need it

Should you repair or replace your heating system?

Whether you need to repair or replace your heating system depends on several factors. If your heating system is functioning properly, you can often have it repaired to fix any minor issues and avoid the cost or inconvenience of a replacement.

On the other hand, if there are significant repairs that may not be feasible with just one visit from an HVAC technician, then replacing your current unit could provide more long-term savings in terms of both time and money spent on maintenance work.

How do I know when it's time for a new heating system?

Many signs indicate either repair or a complete replacement might be needed:

  • Your heater has been running nonstop without restoring consistent temperatures in your home
  • There is excessive noise coming from the equipment (this could also mean there is debris caught in the bearings or a blown fan belt)
  • You notice that your home is far too cold during freezing winter months, and there's no thermostat to control it.

What if I just want my heating system repaired?

If you're not sure whether repairing or replacing should be done, our experts can provide answers to all of your questions. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for one of our technicians to come out and diagnose what needs fixing. Our team will also recommend how long it may need more extensive repairs beyond simple maintenance work like changing filters, checking air ducts, and flushing drains. We'll even give you estimates for both repair costs and replacement prices when appropriate so you can plan and budget accordingly.

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At Thermodynamix LLC HVAC are committed to your family’s comfort. We specialize in servicing, designing, engineering, and installing complete heating and cooling systems. We serve all of Westchester and surrounding areas. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing top quality service at an affordable price. Our customer’s 100% satisfaction is our #1 goal!

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