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More and more people have become aware that making their homes more energy efficient can be good on your pocket book and good for the environment. That’s why our customers want to learn about the steps you can take to lower your carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption.

An energy audit can be the first step toward lowering your electric bills by up to 30-40%. No matter when your home, condo, or business was built, there are always places near doors, windows, and chimneys that can be sealed up for example. The point of the audit is to help you find places where air escapes, or where improvements like insulation can go a long way toward energy efficiency and comfort for your family.

Scheduling an energy audit is always a smart plan, just make sure the company you use knows what they’re doing and uses the appropriate equipment. Here are five excellent reasons why you should call a local, certified auditor in Westchester and the surrounding counties.

1. Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

home energy audits westchester


An energy audit will be a huge help toward bolstering the energy efficiency of your home. The expert auditor performing the work will give you a list of improvements you can make so you have a clear idea of what needs to be done. They’ll find out where energy is escaping, and what’s causing your heating/cooling systems to work overtime.

 Air Leaks & Insulation Inspection

The audit will show where gaps in the ceiling, walls and flooring are leaking air. Improper or insufficient insulation is also a strong culprit for energy loss, so your audit tech will ensure a comprehensive inspection of your insulation.

Inspecting the Heating & Cooling Systems, Appliances

Your thermostat, air-conditioner, and the hot-water system need to be assessed to determine that they’re working efficiently and correctly. Appliances and HVAC systems that aren’t operating at peak efficiency can be a cause of increased energy use.  Your audit may include suggestions to have your HVAC ducts and systems cleaned and filters changed, or suggest ways to find newer equipment if necessary for energy efficiency.


2. Save Money on Energy Bills


save money with energy audit


Changes you invest in to make your home more energy efficient will translate into savings in your energy bills. It continues over the course of time. The extra saving can start right away, depending on what improvements are needed, and which are performed.


3. Energy Efficient Homes are Worth More

When you’re making different energy-efficiency decisions that give you more control over your monthly energy consumption, you are raising the value of your property. That’s great if you plan to sell down the line, or if you’re staying put and gaining equity in your home.


4. Make Your Home & Family More Comfortable

The types of improvements your audit report will include are all aimed at making your house easier to heat in the winter and easier to cool in the summer. These improvements, along with consistent maintenance like checking and cleaning the ducting systems, or changing filters regularly, will make your home more comfortable.

Air quality can also be improved with new, energy efficient appliances or systems. And roof or installation fixes can make your home more tranquil by reducing the amount of outdoor sounds that can be heard in your home – another aspect of comfort that’s sometimes overlooked.


5. Why Audits Help You Plan Your Home Improvements Budget


An expert auditor helps you see a long view of what improvements are needed to increase energy efficiency and your home’s comfort level. There are often a number of options to start with, from big projects like solar energy systems to smaller ones like swapping out your water heater for a more efficient model. These can be tough to identify without the assistance of a proven pro who can serve as a knowledgeable, experienced advisor.

You can also better prioritize your list, making it possible for you to tackle less expensive options right away that can make a big difference.

There are a bunch of reasons why an energy audit is a smart idea. But it’s also very important to work with professionals who can provide correct, useful suggestions and advice. Make sure you understand how they do their audit, and what tests will be performed.

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